I can only see two options.

One: My sister, Laurel, and I are the two funniest people on this planet.


Two: We get each other in a way that defies understanding.

I'm hoping for the first.

But the truth is, with everyone else, I am pretty boring.  Why don't I have unbelievably witty things to say when my friends are around?  Why can I not evoke that level of laughter when I need to impress new acquaintances?

I either need to work on my one liners, or start inviting Laurel to all of my social events.  Because I'm guessing that my joke about blood-clotting is just not going to have the same effect on everyone else.



Rebekah J Scott said...

I can totally relate! My friend, Beenie (Sara) and I are the same way! She is the only one who can tear down the "be a good girl, Bekah" wall and get me on the ground laughing my butt off. She is a beautiful kind of magic.

Beth said...

Like I said, I think you're funny :D