Mom, take a picture of us!

I'm not sure why holding hands with the store dummies at Old Navy was photo worthy, but Ella assures me it was.

This was on our quest for flip flops for Charlotte. Ella's still fit from last year. But flip flops this year have been a bust. Ella has these nice foam-y soft comfy flip flops, and in all my flop searching I could only find the hard plastic-y kind. Charlotte doesn't like them very much. Although, she pretty much hates all shoes, so it's really not a great indicator.


Jess and Richard said...

I think old navy dollar flip flop day is coming

Susan said...

Before I read the blog, I kept thinking "Where are the heads?" Good to know your girls have open minds and can make friends of all differents sorts and have no bias toward handicaps, like no head :)