Ella's kitty.

At least three times a day, Charlotte reverts into 'cat mode'. It can happen at any time. I'll be walking along in the grocery store, and I suddenly look back and see her on all fours meowing at me. Luckily, it tends to happen at home.

More often than not, Ella takes this as her cue to find a 'leash' and take her cat for a walk, parading her around the house and giving her many instructions. This has also caused multiple situations where I've had to explain that the downside of cats is that hey rarely do what we ask them to.

Last night, Charlotte decided to be a cat when Ella was in the other room with Paul. Always the supportive mother, I pet her back and gave her little head a scratch. And said, "Are you my little kitty?" To which she promptly responded, "No, I'm Ella's kitty."

I guess cats are also pretty loyal.

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