'Tis the Season.

I shouldn't have been, but was, surprised, as I was going through the last couple of months of pictures, at how many pictures we have of Charlotte naked.  In my defense, this particular one was taken when it was still quite warm outside.  You know, in October.  

But, let's be real, she was also naked when Richard and Jess showed up for dinner tonight.  And I didn't bother getting her dressed until bedtime either.  We were doing a paint craft, and her outfit was too cute to ruin.

We have been crazy busy this last week, and I don't know that it will let up until after Christmas.  Paul had last week off of work, which was so fun.  And we made the most of our family time.  And even fit a little 'stay-cation' into the week.  We headed to Great Wolf Lodge for a couple of days.  And then headed to my sister, Laurel's wedding.  The Lodge was very fun, and I think it will become a tradition.  And the wedding was lovely.  If I ever have to get married again (let's hope not), I'm going to elope, too.

I am the ward choir director, and music chair, so there are just a few last minute things to take care of for the Christmas program.  We had friends stay the night last night on their way to Amarillo.  And the night before we went Christmas Caroling with a big group from the ward.  Plus we're still recovering from the wedding.  It was a big weekend.  I don't think Ella's been asleep before 10pm in a week.  Tomorrow we have an evening rehearsal, Friday morning I have another rehearsal (different group), but the evening should calm down and Saturday will be nice and quiet.  Can't wait for Christmas.  It is such a wonderful season.

I read this amazing article about celebrating the material at Christmastime.  You can find it here.  It was beautifully written and thought provoking.

Hope your pre-Christmas week is going wonderfully!

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Daren said...

she is your daughter isn't she!!! ;)