Ella was kind enough to dress herself today.

I think we might need to work on the order in which she puts on her clothes. Yes. That is her underwear over her pants.

Although, for the record. I personally think that she rocks this look. 

(For some reason the text didn't show up the first time I published this post.  And it only took me two days to sit down at the computer to fix it.)

UPDATE: The worst part about that day was that I completely intended to take pictures and then change her clothes, placing her underwear in the customary position.  But life got busy, and I kept forgetting, until we got to the library and realized that yes, I let my daughter walk around all day with her underwear outside her pants.  

I didn't brush her hair either.

There's nothing like a good story to make others feel better about their own parenting.

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Susan said...

Are her panties on the outside of her shorts? Just checking. It's always best to wear panties. How you wear them is optional.