My picture is blurry.

But it's Char's fault.  She won't stop moving.  Ever.

A sweet little girl at church asked if she could change Char's diaper.

"Sure!  Take her away!"

It was kind of traumatic for the poor girl, because I forgot to tell her that often Char screams bloody murder when she is having her diaper changed because she hates laying still.

I tried to console her with this information post-diaper change, and the girl's sister asked, "Well, if she hates laying down so much, how does she ever fall asleep?"

"We wrap her in a blanket really tight so she can't move," was my truthful response.

At what point does a swaddle become a straight-jacket?

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Sarah and Troy said...

You're probably okay as long as there aren't any buckles :)

Are my eyes deceiving me? Is she blonde?