Date Night

Last weekend our high school put on the play Cinderella, and one of my Laurels had the lead, so naturally I wanted to attend. And decided that Ella would make a nice date for the event. So we dressed up. (Yes, I did coordinate our outfits so we are both wearing black and brown.) And headed out for the night. She did great. No problems at all the first act, and about two-thirds of the way into the second act she was ready to go. But, I made her wait it out. And she still wasn't too disruptive. We sat in the front row, and I think that it helped to be so close to the action.

How wonderful to finally have a daughter who is old enough to attend events that are mutually enjoyable. The future is bright.
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doting mom said...

I totally agree, I love going on dates with my daughters!!!

The Jacksons said...

So fun! You both look super cute, too!

Jess and Richard said...

That is so fun!

Emily and Tinoa said...

Adorable! I love your blog. Thanks for putting us on your blogroll too, I feel so special! Miss and love you lots.