Ella is officially too young to have a friend. Kids her age are supposed to be into parallel play. But, I think that she and Bella must have known each other from the pre-mortal life because they are best friends. That's all there is to it. They love each other. They greet each other with hugs and kisses whenever they see each other. And while there is mostly parallel play, there is also turn taking and sharing and more advanced play. Our friend Amber took this video of the girls while Ella was playing at her house a few weeks ago.

Last week I caught them playing this game with a plastic lion, that, for whatever reason was reducing them to periodic fits of giggles... I hurried and got out my video camera, thrilled with the great footage I was getting, until I realized that I never pushed "record". Sad.

Anyhow, here it is, for the world to see. Ella and Bella, Best Friends Forever.


Merry Christmas. We are enjoying a White Christmas break from our 70 degree weather in Texas while in New Hampshire with Paul's family.

And to those who read my blog for juicy tidbits like when we are out of town, feel free to take whatever you wish. Our car is at my Mom's. Please take that first. We keep the TV in the downstairs closet. It is too ugly for the public. Good luck finding anything else of value. I'd try Craigslist if I were you.

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doting mom said...

I'll leave the keys on the hood, for anyone who is interested... lol
I know those Christensens are enjoying you, but we miss you here in Texas.